About US

It all started when the dermatologist's gave me a prescribing prescription for psoriasis,"Besides, try olive oil soaps ... there's a lot in your area." (east Galil and Golan at Israel the Holy Land).
Most of the soaps did a good job; so I decided to make soap myself a better one - which would also help, but will be more smooth and pleasant to use and not drying the skin.
I did not think a factory will come out eventually but my enthusiasm for this wonderful thing-soap production could not be stopped.
Later, the late Mrs. Fanya Feitelson visited me, and introduced me to the old-fashioned "Pania paste". I was very excited about the results. I did not know that to produce a paste in the Holy Land there was a need for license.
I finished with all the bureaucracy and only then when I had soaps, we decided to build a factory that produces everything from scratch. And everything was at the level of food-perfectly natural.
For this purpose, we recruited two chemists specializing in oils, and built a 100% natural product line rich in oils, honey and essential oils, and above all healthy neutral.